Condições da garantia

General information

In addition to official consumer laws and regulations governing product warranties, all merchants on refurbed assume the warranty conditions stated on this page for all physical products sold via this website. The warranty period is set by the merchant, with a mandatory minimum of 12 months.

In further addition to official consumer laws and regulations governing refund policies, all merchants on refurbed offer a 30-day trial period as of receipt for all physical products sold on refurbed. Within the 30-day trial period any physical product can be returned irrespective of the customers motivation. The costs associated with the return are covered by the merchant. Should the customer wish to have their product repaired or exchanged within the 30-day trial period, the vailidity of the trial period will be extended to at least 14 days as of receipt of the repaired or exchanged device by the customer. Please note that repairs and exchanges of the product during the 30-day trial period are only possible if the merchant has the possibility to repair or exchange the device at the time of the request within a reasonable timeframe. Should a repair or exchange of the product during the 30-day trial period be requested by the customer, but not be possible due to the merchants inability to repair or exchange the device within a reasonable timeframe, the merchant will refund the products full purchase price upon receipt of the product, provided that the product has no damage resulting from improper use by the customer.

Precondition and scope of the warranty

The warranty covers all technical aspects of the purchased product. The merchant guarantees to deliver a product to the buyer that is free from material, production or structural damage, with the scientific and technical standards at the time of purchase being the applicable benchmark. It is imperative that the product flaw responsible for the damage dates back to said point in time. A claim for replacement due to consequential damage is only valid within the scope of applicable laws and regulations.

This warranty commences on the date of purchase for a period of time specified by the merchant, while it is extended in case of repair or replacement.

The warranty is valid from the date of purchase for the period specified by the merchant. If the unit is repaired or replaced, the warranty period is extended to at least 6 months. (If at the time of repair or replacement the remaining warranty period is longer than 6 months, the warranty will be unaffected). For example: If a device has a remaining warranty period of 8 months and is replaced due to a defect, the warranty period for the replacement device remains at 8 months. However, if the remaining warranty period for the defective device is only 4 months, the warranty period for the replacement device is extended to 6 months.

Additionally, we distinguish between two types of warranty cases. If only one component is replaced, the warranty is only extended to at least 6 months for the replaced component (e.g. camera). However, if the entire device is replaced, the warranty for the entire replacement device is extended to at least 6 months.

A customer can exercise his right of warranty via a written claim to the merchant within the warranty period. As a precondition for a warranty claim, a customer has to report the product flaw within a maximum period of one month after discovery / he or she ought to have discovered it. The customer is obliged to prove that the warranty is valid (i.e. by submitting the invoice).

Guarantees and returns

Our merchants are at liberty to repair or replace a device.

As a rule, they will repair the old device if possible. If this is not possible, the merchant will arrange for a replacement.

In the case of replacement, the old device will be replaced free of charge by a device of equal or higher quality (same grade and quality at the time of the warranty claim and of the same type).

Alternatively, the merchant may reimburse the consumer for the value of the appliance. If the merchant chooses to refund the value of the appliance and confirms this in writing, the merchant will keep the appliance and refund the consumer the value of the appliance upon receipt.

Warranty claim procedure

Should you encounter issues with your device that are covered by the warranty conditions stated above, please contact the merchant and/or the refurbed customer service directly via the contact options listed below:

Tel.: 1800 851 212


The refurbed customer service team will register your warranty claim, after which it will inform the merchant. The merchant will subsequently send an email along with a return slip that enables you to ship the product back to the merchant free of charge.

Please make sure that the product has been reset to its factory settings, and that all personal data, as well as peronal accounts (AppleID, Google Account, etc.), have been removed from the device, before the device gets shipped to the respective merchant.

Please further ensure that the article is packaged in a safe and correct manner. Should the original packaging not be available anymore, please use stable and professional packaging material instead (i.e. a box with plenty of filler material; an envelope does not constitute a stable form of packaging).

Important: only by using the return slip to send the device back to the merchant is the shipping process free of charge.

After arrival, the merchant’s technicians will proceed to inspect the device. The customer will subsequently receive a status report and, if warranted, a replacement device. In case of a monetary return, the customer will receive the purchasing price via the payment method that was used during the transaction on refurbed. Please note that transport / shipping of a device is only permitted with prior consent of the merchant.

More detailed information about the warranty claim procedure can be found here:

Premises and exclusions

A premise for a valid warranty is the proper use and maintenance of the product as well as the adherence to the user instructions as stated in the manual of the manufacturer. In case of irresponsible, irregular or improper use, the warranty is voided.

Examples for improper / irresponsible use are:

  • broken display and/or casing
  • fluid damage
  • electrical damage caused by chargers that are not approved by the manufacturer of the purchased device
  • manipulation of the operating system which leads to its security & base functions being compromised, deletion of the operating system, or locking of the operating system through unremovable user accounts. This may include the installation of “Jailbreaks”, “Roots”, or the installation of otherwise harmful software on the purchased device

The scope of the warranty does not extend to:

  • expandable parts, such as external memory cards or caps for cameras or lenses.
  • damage to fragile product elements, such as glass, display, and lenses.
  • consumable items, such as batteries (if the battery life remains in line with the specifications of the manufacturer).
  • slight discrepancies between the actual condition and the nominal condition of the product that do not affect functionality
  • errors or damage due to faulty operation of the product, damage caused by the environment, chemicals or cleaning fluids.
  • product damage caused by assembly / installation or transport

The warranty is voided in case of:

  • non-compliance with the assembly, maintenance or care instructions in the user manual
  • damage associated with regular tear and wear (i.e. signs of usage on the casing and/or display) or deliberate damage
  • improper activation
  • careless or faulty maintenance
  • damage that was evidently caused by the improper use of the device
  • damage caused by the environment or acts of nature (i.e. natural disasters), including but not limited to flooding, fire or frost
  • opening up the device or having it repaired by any other person or entity than the appropriate merchant (as long as the merchant does not explicitly consent to this in written form)

Non-coverage of the warranty

So long as product damage is not covered by this warranty, or no product damage can be determined, the customer is obligated to cover the costs of transport and shipping.

In addition, the customer will be held liable for costs that arise from the inspection process.

In case the customer is notified of the non-coverage of the warranty as well as the costs associated with the repair process, and he opts to have the product repaired, he will be charged for the labour and material costs.

If damage occurred after the product was delivered, it is up to the merchant to decide whether to repair the product on goodwill. In this case, the customer does not have a legal right to have the product repaired.

During the inspection or repair of the device in the warranty or guarantee process, the data on the respective device may be deleted. Refurbed or the seller or repair partner shall not be liable for any loss of data of any kind. The backup of any data, including settings, software and software licenses, and the deletion of any personal or otherwise sensitive data is the responsibility of the customer and must be performed prior to shipment.

The customer is also warned that the water and dust resistance of devices sent in - which is guaranteed by the manufacturer - may be lost when the cause of the damage is determined or when the device is repaired. The provider accepts no liability for this.

Legal rights

In addition to the rights included in the warranty, the customer has certain guaranteed legal rights. These rights, which are at times advantageous to the customer, are not limited by the warranty. Furthermore, the warranty does not affect the ability to claim the rights of the original or secondary purchaser towards the manufacturer of the original product.

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